Melaka Trip

Hai peeps! I am in the mood to write so yeah. It is raining right now, super cold & I wish I had a cup of tea. (Just wishing because I am too lazy to make i)

Last school holidays (2016), my friends, teachers, & I went to Melaka for MUET Project, right after the final exam for our 1st Sem in form 6. We were super excited about this one because this was our first time handling this kind of thingy. I still remembered, when I was in primary school, from A to Z handled by my teachers, I just had to keluarkan some money & all were prepared. Despite all of the countless rejections of paper work, we still managed to do it. Yeayyyy thank you to our mastermind, Mariana! <3 

I was the AJK Makanan with my partner, Wahidah. But she didnt join us for the trip because of family matters. She helped me googling for some good food there in Melaka. We found one! We were in a trip, & 45 of us, we were thinking, "Takkan nak muat ramai-ramai dalam satu kedai?" So, we found one, which is Faezah Katering Food And Delivery Service. They based in Melaka & offered for food delivering for any kind of occasions. Do visit them ok? The service was excellent I must say! I would give 5/5 stars to them. The food all good. Hehehe! I was afraid in the first place because I thought some of us might not like the food. But, I heard compliments from my teachers & friends. Ah what a way to feel happy. The owners were spouse I guess. Hahaha. They were friendly & also kind. AH yes, I forgot to mention the price. The price is affordable! Really~~~ Only 5.00MYR per pack; Nasi Putih, Protein, & vegetables. Crazyyyyyyyyyyyy!

#FaezahKateringFoodAndDeliveryService #Melaka #DeliveryFood

We went to many places & I couldnt remember them. Hahaha jk. We went to Taman Rama-rama & Reptilia. We saw many kinds of butterflies, they are colorful which I loved about them. The flew just above us. I dont wanna talk about reptilia, ahhhh pls! NO!!! Snakes, kala jengking perghh nono. & then we went to urm Hai, saya lupa la. We also went to Pantai Klebang. The coconut shake was dope. Loved it since the first sedutan until forever.


We went for a river cruising also! The smell of the river je lah kot quites disturbing us enjoying the night scenery in Melaka. If the water splashed, God knows what we felt that time. Hahaha. *No hard feelings*


Hahahaha we had so much fun during our times in Melaka. Even though it was an exhausting trip, we gained so much knowledge & cheaper things there. I had migraine in our last day there. Thank God, I didnt throw up. I just bought panadols at the pharmacy & met really handsome creature (the cashier). Iman ku terpaksa kutip. Kahkahkah jk! All is good about Melaka! <3

I miss Melaka! :')) x

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